I Played 10 Mega Man Games This Week


As those of you who read this post know, my way of celebrating Skirmish Frogs’ Mega Man Week was to do speed runs of each of the NES classics on my Twitch channel.

Well…. I got a little carried away. Not only did I do each of the NES Mega Man games, I also added Mega Man 9, 10, X, and X2! Considering the last time I had played 9 or 10 was shortly after their release, and I hadn’t played X2 in years, this was definitely a bold move. But it was Mega Man Week! I had to!

The best part was that I got a personal best (PB) in every single game I had a previous time for. All 6 NES games and Mega Man X.  Considering that I’d never recorded times in the other three games, I got TEN new PBs! (11 if you consider that I did a second Mega Man 2 run as part of a race and PB’d AGAIN in that!)

In case you missed the action, here are the videos of each run:

Now that this is done, I’m going to seriously have to consider doing more Mega Man speed runs in the future.  They’re just so insanely fun! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Mega Man 9, in particular. I had only played through it once, but playing it along with all the others shows just how good it is! Mega Man 10 was also fun, but didn’t quite live up to the fun level of 9, in my opinion. My proudest moment probably came in Mega Man 5, in which I pulled off a relatively new speed trick to skip the refights – a trick I had only learned the day of the run itself. Perhaps equally proud was that I pulled off several ‘neon jumps’ (a special type of double jump) in Mega Man X2. Even though the run itself was bad, just hitting a little bit of this speed tech was very satisfying.

In the short term, I’ll be participating in SpeedRunsLive‘s Mega Man 2 tournament. My first match is on MONDAY, 1/25, at 8PM MST. Come on over to my stream to check it out!

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I'm a life-long gamer with broad interests, but been mostly platformers and RPGs. I've taken up speed running of late - perhaps because it takes the great gameplay of older games and adds in the challenge, competition, and community of newer ones. Beyond that , I'm a 30-year-old Christian, software developer, husband, and father of three from Colorado. If you like my stuff, please consider throwing me a follow on Twitch and/or Twitter!


  1. thanks for posting your speed-runs
    work has been keeping me busy so i’ve missed these… awesome 🙂

  2. That’s insane. I haven’t even beat all these MM games, let alone would I be remotely good enough to do something like this. I salute your skill, good sir.

    • Thanks! I give all the credit to the many great runs I watched in preparation for this. Some tutorials too, with a little bit of practice. (this was also my second Mega Man week, which was why I was able to do so much more). A lot of people a lot better than me put in all the work that I just watched and learned from.

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