It’s Mega Man Week!!!


How excited I was to see that this week is MEGA MAN week here at Skirmish Frogs!  I’m excited to see all the fantastic Mega Man content that our writers come up with.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I will be doing speed runs of ALL 6 NES Mega Man games on my Twitch stream this week! I have done this once before, and it was a ton of fun, so I am very excited to do it again!

I’ve actually been trying to find time to do another Mega Man week on my stream for several months now – but I kept getting bogged down with more Donkey practice or other sorts of things.  So Skirmish Frogs celebrating all things Mega Man gives me a great opportunity to do it again!

I’ll be starting at approximately 8pm MST (10pm EST) each evening, and the schedule will be as follows:

  • Sunday, 1/17: Mega Man
  • Monday, 1/18: Mega Man 2
  • Tuesday, 1/19: <<BREAK>>
  • Wednesday, 1/20: Mega Man 3
  • Thursday, 1/21: Mega Man 4
  • Friday, 1/22: Mega Man 5
  • Saturday, 1/23: Mega Man 6


Now, I’m not the best runner of any of these games by any means.  In fact, for most of them, it will be only my second or third run! But I have put a little bit of practice into each of them, so there will be some cool speed tech to see in each game – even if I fail a whole bunch on the way.  My goal is to do The first two games in under 40 minutes, and each of the others in under 60.  Hopefully some of you are able to stop by!

Again, the stream is at If you’d like to watch LAST year’s Mega Man week, you can find that at my YouTube page.


And who knows… I may throw a bonus game or two in there…. (*cough* MM9 & MM10 *cough*)


EDIT: I figure I’ll post my times here, for those who are reading this after the fact:

  • Mega Man 1: (33:22)
  • Mega Man 9: (1:32:04, semi-blind)
  • Mega Man 2: (41:49)
  • Mega Man 10: (1:32:58, semi-blind)
  • Mega Man 3: (1:01:44)
  • Mega Man 4: (1:02:47)
  • Mega Man 5: (53:19)
  • Mega Man X: (1:14:08)
  • Mega Man 6: (58:29)
  • Mega Man X2: (1:40:57, first run)
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I'm a life-long gamer with broad interests, but been mostly platformers and RPGs. I've taken up speed running of late - perhaps because it takes the great gameplay of older games and adds in the challenge, competition, and community of newer ones. Beyond that , I'm a 30-year-old Christian, software developer, husband, and father of three from Colorado. If you like my stuff, please consider throwing me a follow on Twitch and/or Twitter!


  1. IM HYPED!!!!!

  2. This looks cool.

  3. Dang, sir! #FrogSalute

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