Get Yourself Speedrunning!

It comes as no surprise to anyone who has read any of my posts already that I love speed running.

I’m not sure how much interest this has piqued in the community here overall, but if you have any desire in doing some of that yourself, then you have an two opportunities to start doing that in the coming weeks!


First is SpeedRunsLive’s Get Yourself Speedrunning event.  The link has all the info you need – but the general idea is that they’re hosting a series of beginner’s races each of the next three weekends, with the hope of helping other people join the community!  I felt it was particularly appropriate for this week because the first game (tomorrow) is MEGA MAN 2!!! It’s a great chance for you to learn, or, at the very least, watch!

  • 1/16, 12:00 EST: Mega Man 2
  • 1/23, 12:00 EST: Spyro 2
  • 1/30, 12:00 EST: Yoshi’s Island

I will be participating in MM2 and Yoshi’s Island.

The second opportunity is something called Go1den’s 12-hour challenge.  The link has the bulk of the information, but the gist of it is to pick a game and learn to speed run it over a 12 hour period on the weekend of February 5th-7th! (I’m not sure which game I’m learning yet – please VOTE in my poll to help me decide!)

As I’ve said plenty of times, speed runs breathe a lot of life into the old games that we loved, so this might be a great opportunity for you to get involved, if you’ve been curious!

(on the note of speed runs and Mega Man, stay tuned for Sunday, when I’ll have a post about something pretty cool I’ll be doing on my stream 😉

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About Antilles58

I'm a life-long gamer with broad interests, but been mostly platformers and RPGs. I've taken up speed running of late - perhaps because it takes the great gameplay of older games and adds in the challenge, competition, and community of newer ones. Beyond that , I'm a 30-year-old Christian, software developer, husband, and father of three from Colorado. If you like my stuff, please consider throwing me a follow on Twitch and/or Twitter!


  1. If I was younger, back when I had more time, I could totally see myself getting into this, but now I’m lucky if I get a couple hours a day to play anything. Plus, I wouldn’t even know how to time myself and couldn’t record it anyway. I do enjoy watching the GGDQ videos, since I can never watch live. I’d love to see some Frogs get into this, too.

    • youth is wasted on the young….

      yeah, I get maybe a couple hours a day myself, and it’s taken me almost 2 years to get as good as I am at DKC2. I sometimes find myself jealous of those young kids around me who can just pick up a new game and learn it in a week… but not TOO often 😉

      But on the point of your other comments – I’d definitely love to see some frogs in on this too! It would be a cool merger of my gaming communities. And if anyone wants help with recording/streaming/timing or anything else involving SRL, I’d be more than happy to help!!!

      (and speaking of GDQ videos, if you watch the DKC2 102% run from this most recent AGDQ – I’m the guy in the green shirt on the couch)

      • There are just so many great games I haven’t played. I can’t justify playing an old favourite over and over right now, as fun as that might be.

        I saw you tweet about being in the stream, but I hadn’t caught which game was being played. Gonna try to remember to watch the DKC 2 vid while at work next week 😀

  2. i would totally do this if i had the extra time… but i give a big buncha thumbs up to whomever does this

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