AGDQ 2016: Games for a Good Cause

Today is the first day of AGDQ, or Awesome Games Done Quick.

Those of you who have read my post about speed running already know what this event has meant to me.  But since today is the first day of the week-long marathon, I thought I’d write a quick post introducing the event to an audience that, I think, would have a lot of interest in it!

AGDQ is a speed running charity marathon – it’s a full week of people doing speed runs, all to raise money for charity.  This year’s event is raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, but past marathons have also benefited Doctors Without Borders, autism awareness charities, and others. These events have been VERY successful, as three of them have raised over ONE MILLION DOLLARS for their respective charities. As you might expect, the VAST majority of the games streamed during this marathon are retro games, as those are the ones that speed runners and viewers tend to love the most.

One of the best things about AGDQ is that the runs are all presented in a way to make them accessible to people who haven’t seen them before. So if you’re new to speed running, this event is the perfect way to get acquainted! Each run features high quality commentary describing the various tricks and techniques used to go through games FAST! Many donations are read live on stream – sometimes heartfelt, sometimes hilarious. And there are various bid wars, donation incentives, and prize drawings that you can bid toward! It’s an awesome event all around, and really helps you to get an idea of how exciting and entertaining a hobby that speed running can be!

As for me, I’d heard about speed runs before, but didn’t really learn how awesome they could be until I discovered AGDQ highlights on YouTube a few years back.  Since then I’ve been inspired to take Donkey Kong Country 2 speed runs very seriously – to the point where I’m right on the cusp of getting one of the top 5 times in the world for 102%.

I will be at this year’s event from Monday through Thursday, most notably providing commentary for, of course, DKC2 102% on Wednesday afternoon! So if you’d like to see/hear me – check that out!  I’ll also be reading donations on Tuesday during the Metroid Fusion 4-way race, so if you’d like to have a chance to have me read one of your donations on air, donate then!

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  1. Good luck and well done!

  2. Good stuff, been a fan of them for a while and what they do is great. My wife beat thyroid cancer twice so I support them.

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