The Complete NES Officially Licensed US Releases Book Review

I had to pick up this giant book featuring all 678 licensed US releases in coffee table book form. Each game is featured by box art, a screen cap from the game, the developer, publisher, year it was released and even has empty boxes so you can check off which items you have to complete your collection. Neat!

You can order yours at the Hagen’s Alley store. It’s also available in convenient paperback for the collector on the go (and aren’t we all).

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John Riggs enjoys hacking (or "Rigging") NES games to include his family and friends which you can see on his YouTube channel Riggstalgic which has even been featured on ABC's 'Right This Minute'. He has a video game collection of near 5,000 games, often makes cameos on the Metal Jesus Rocks channel and has an almost unhealthy obsession with breakfast cereal. Subscribe on YouTube | LIKE on Facebook | FOLLOW on Twitter | FOLLOW on Instagram


  1. i need to get this…. looks awesome

  2. I will indeed have to look for this bad boy next time I have some genuine extra $$$$$ lying around. Very cool.

  3. Wittenhagen does good work! If you buy all his books, you might find some of words in there too… #ShamelessPlug

    Looking forward to the comparison.

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