Scaredy Nim Plays – Sweet Home part 11

Hello fearless frogs, and welcome back to the Mamiya mansion. Last time on Sweet Home, we had just found the secret entrance to the basement. So without further ado, let’s see what it holds for us!

1 - into the basement

OH WAIT is that a piece of wood I see in the corner? 😀

2- more wood!

It is! 😀 Let’s grab it yay

We also noticed the roaring fire northwest from us. In fact, fire seems to cover a wide expanse of this room. Good thing we picked up a fire extinguisher in the last area!

There are several rooms to explore. The first door by the basement entrance is locked and won’t respond even to Emi’s key. We leave it for now and go in a room to the north.

3- weapons room

Sweet! Other than a few weapons someone left behind, this room is completely empty. Easy peasy.

4- this room is on fire

AHH I spoke too soon! Flames rush in from the walls as the blue ghosts surround us as well. Asuka quickly uses the fire extinguisher she had and we are safe from the flames at least. We dodge the ghosts and pick up the weapons, trading for some of our older ones, now worn down from fighting so many enemies.

After looting the room, we pass another doorway in the hall guarded by a bronze statue. I don’t even want to think about carrying a bucket of blood from the fountain all the way down here please no.

We keep going and decide to explore the next room further north.

5- new fresco room

This one is on fire even as we step into the room! Taro spots blood on the ground, but also another fire extinguisher just a few steps away. He bravely leaps over the flame wall and grabs the extinguisher to use just in time.

As the flames subside, the team finds a note left on the ground – thankfully Taro had gotten to the fire before it burned away.

6- diary key is in the coffin

OH GREAT we get to go dig around in a coffin that’s just what I wanted to do. :\

7- badly wounded

The writer of the note was not in great shape at the time.

8- let's hope for the best

But Taro seems to have some hope that the person is still alive. We agree to hope for the best, maybe we will run into them soon.

We investigate the fresco on the north wall of the room.

9- thought it was over

Well, that is more than a little ominous… is it just me or are these fresco messages becoming more and more dreary?

As we exit the room we are attacked by a new enemy!

10- madman

This is the Madman, the leveled up version of the Man from several episodes ago.


We begin attacking right away.

11- can't fool me madman

As expected, when he turns around he is a creepy weirdo. So we keep attacking him until he’s gone.

After the battle is over, there is nowhere further north to go unless we want to brave the flames. But there was one more door past where we had picked up the wood plank earlier.

12- so much fire

This is the fiery-est basement I have EVER been to. I mean the extinguisher is in the middle of the fire, come on.

Taro once again shows off his acrobatic skills to grab the fire extinguisher and put out the flames from this room.

After that, we check out this fresco.

13- the gem

This one gives us more of a hint. I guess we will need said Gem in the near future!

After leaving the room we run into this guy.

14- wraith

Is anyone else reminded of THIS guy?

13.5- hades

Anyway, the wraith is pretty tough, but with our new weapons he is quickly dispatched.

Well, we have explored all the rooms easily accessible to us. Moving back toward the north end of the basement, we see there is a safe path after just a few flames. We rush through it and end up in the northernmost part of the hall.

15- north end of the hall

Through the doorway we find a strange man in a room to himself. It seems damp in here despite all the fire next door. Moss covers the walls.

16- strange man

We ask the man if he’s all right, if he needs any help getting out of here, if he knows anything of what’s going on in this crazy place.

17- strange man needs a shovel

Umm, okay…

18- yesss

I mean I DO have a shovel but wouldn’t you like to compare stories-

19- uh


The strange man starts digging FURIOUSLY at the wall, and all of the sudden we hear water rushing. A rapid stream enters through the hole and knocks everyone completely out of the room.

20- um

Did everyone make it okay?

21- well then

Well, at least the fire is out.

Our party is completely separated, but calling out to each other we are able to regroup without too much trouble.

Asuka and Emi notice that the bronze statue from earlier has disappeared. No buckets of fountain blood for us!

22- statue is gone

Emi’s key unlocks the door. Inside this room are two precarious wooden pathways. At the end of one is a Flash knife, which Taro swaps out for, and at the end of the other is a Gem. This must be the Gem that the fresco mentioned!

23- precarious walkway

Returning to the flooded hallway, we find three more doorways that the fire had blocked earlier. A blue flame still bars our way from one of the doors.

23.5 - blue flame

Well, let’s check out these other two rooms.

The first one is full of skeletons.

24- skeleton room

Akiko, being a nurse, does a further inspection and remarks that these are children’s skeletons, and they appear to have been killed in a cruel way.

25- da fuq

Get me outta here!

Before we leave, Akiko checks the note on the nearby desk.

26- note

27- EEEK

AHHH this is getting worse and worse…

28- let's stay away from her

The Mamiya lady did this??? She has some MAJOR issues.

Completely creeped out, we flee the room.

Next door is another purple-carpeted room with a fresco. Akiko grabs the note on this table as well.

29- note

Takashi must have written the note a few rooms ago.

30- don't wanna

UGH I really don’t want to confront that crazy lady.

31- ugh

Why do I have a feeling we are heading there soon?

32- true words

Akiko is filled with determination. We’ve defeated the traps and enemies so far, maybe we can still get out of here.

Taro takes a quick look at the fresco.

33- the blue fire

Ah, so the Gem we picked up will help us remove the blue fire! Now that’s convenient!

We will remove the fiery barrier and see where it leads us next time on Sweet Home!


But before I can end this part, we are pulled into another Wraith battle. This time the thing breathes on us and Taro is completely blown away! The others get rid of the Wraith without much problem.

Taro, are you okay?

34- da fuq pt 2

Taro was whisked away to the sticky room from part 6. We will let him grumble as he catches back up to the others for part 12 of Sweet Home.

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  1. I want this to be over because I really want to find out how the story ends, but I kind of don’t want it to end, if you know what I mean. I also wish the game had a prequel that covers the madness that took place inside the house before this game. If it hasn’t been made, someone should make it now.

    • Agreed! I feel like there is so much to the story here that they may not have been able to cover with the limitations of the NES. I wonder if I should try out the movie after I finish the game… although somehow I think I’m going to end up liking the game better anyway. 🙂

      • My initial reaction is “There’s a movie?!” but after a few seconds, I think I vaguely remember this information.

  2. I can barely keep up with this series, you’re making such progress! I am still blown away by the pixel art of this game — but children’s skeletons? Aw. Yikes. :/

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