Re-living Super Metroid

As those of you who read my Top 100 Games list know, Super Metroid is one of my all time favorite games. Everything about it is almost perfect.  The environments, the controls, the music, the enemies, the puzzles… everything! It was one of the earliest games to truly capture my imagination, and it probably is one of the games most to credit (blame?) for making me into a gaming completionist today.

I think Super Metroid has far and away the most replay value of any game I’ve ever played. However, it’s one of those games that develops a different kind of magic after you’ve played it a few times. Once you know where everything is, the game becomes all about seeing how you can do things DIFFERENTLY. There’s 100%, low%, suitless, reverse boss order – SO many options. Then when you add speed runs on top of that, it becomes something else entirely.

But none of those is quite like the first time you play Super Metroid. Not knowing where to go, getting lost in the dark caverns of Zebes, finally mastering a new trick… it’s all just so SATISFYING.

That’s why, a few years ago, I went looking for a blind Let’s Play of Super Metroid.  I was super blessed and fortunate to be able to stumble across this one by Red Silvers.  He does an exceptional job of providing quality entertainment as he explores the game for the first time. If you’ve ever wanted to capture the feeling of playing this game again for the first time, then I highly recommend watching his play through:

Red’s a super great guy, and has since become a friend of mine online! And if you’re really interested in this type of thing, my friend smartalec0624 is currently doing his own first play through of Super Metroid on his Twitch page (and is also posting the videos to his YouTube account). He’s very entertaining as well, and it’s a lot of fun to watch him struggle through this stuff live!

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  1. so good, such a great game

  2. I played it before I had played the first Metroid. (I don’t do this deliberately, it’s just how my gaming journey panned out – C64 to SNES to PS1 and only later picked up early consoles).

    It’s a incredible game, and where some games struggle to give truly diverse environments Super Metroid succeeds in making it feel like an entire planet you can explore. Finding a hidden power-up or passageway is a great moment, but it’s the boss fights that really stand out.

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