Bedtime Stories Presents – Kid Niki NES

Kid Niki for the NES.

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  1. Game is genuinely hard as fuck. It’s not the HARDEST out there, even on NES. Not by a longshot. But it’s still rough. I tried recording a playthrough for my new YT channel recently, and I got stuck on that ONE goddamn level, the level with the lake and bubbles and the goddamn rising platforms. It is madness. That is literally one of THE most fucked levels in video gaming history, because the bubbles have no discernible PATTERN you can follow, they are QUITE random, and will sometimes even seem to randomly come RIGHT at you, not even just floating up. And to top that off, if the bubbles weren’t insane enough to deal with, the goddamn lowering/rising platforms you have to jump to, do NOT always come back up on a timed pattern either. Sometimes? Sometimes they just decide not to come back up for awhile.

    It is well and truly fucked. I love that game, and I’ve beaten it before. The joke is, the boss of that level is arguably the easiest in the entire game. But damn that level. For real.

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