Boss Rush Podcast Incoming!!!

Sega Galactico and I are finally getting this podcast together; holiday and such slowing us down.  Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

CUODJ_eUkAAbM_u.png largeNow the Boss Rush Podcast will be retro gaming themed and the reason I finally took Boss Rush as the name is that it reminded me of Megaman and the boss rushes you did toward the end and we are all about having guests!  Before we asked about a third person and the answer was 100% yes, but this person (and we can have more of course for bigger shows) will be open to whoever would like to join.  You can come back on the show as many times as you like and this will lead to many Frogs here getting their voices out there and having fun at the same time!  Also we aren’t limiting this to Frogs here, but all Retro Gamers.  So if you want to be a guest, you can tweet the hashtag #bossrush on Twitter or just send me or Sega Galactico direct messages on Twitter, we will put you in the list.  To be fair, the order we receive requests is the order you will appear on the show.

So there we have it, first episode is coming in days.  Can you feel it?  I can and we hope you really enjoy it and this is the beginning of a great podcast.  Thanks and contact info below.

Picky Old Gamer:

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Twitter:  Picky Old Gamer Twitter

Sega Galactico:

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