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I’ve had an idea for doing a community chat since the day we launched the site. Now that I’ve gotten Top Frog’s go-ahead, I’ve gone and made a Discord chat server for us to use as a community!

“What’s Discord?” I hear you asking, it’s a chat service in the vein of programs like Vent and Team Speak where you have access to an IRC-like chat room as well as voice chat that you can use if you so desire. I figured since something like this is free to have and use from a user and admin standpoint, that we could use this.

“Why not use Skype?” I can also hear you croak. I feel this is a much better alternative to Skype since there’s no need to exchange contact information, as well as having access to multiple voice chats all at once.

“How do I use Discord?” A fine question! You can go to their website and sign up (totally free, the dev team made this specifically as a free alternative) and you have the convenience of running it in your browser, in the standalone desktop app, or even on your Android or iPhone.

I urge all of the frogs to at least check it out!

Thanks for your time! <- Server invite link

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