M. Bison, That Sonofa-: The First Attempt

So, I recently decided to go ahead, even though I had zero previous experience making any kind of real video content, and create a Youtube channel for my blog, Retro Revelations. I had a friend of mine with some experience under his belt, give me a run through on programs to use to get me started, and off I went.

As a first choice, I decided I’d play Street Fighter II: The World Warriors on SNES, because once upon a time I was pretty snazzy at Street Fighter in general, and figured “What the hell, I’m basically just experimenting, so I can just beat the shit out of this game, look pretty good while I’m talkin’, and it’ll be great!” Well, that was true, until I got to the bosses. But I handled my business, and I was on to the main event: M. Bison. Except then I ran into a living buzzsaw….named M. Bison. And let me tell you, he is one true blue sonofagun. Even on a NOT hard setting, he still randomly decides to be an especially cheap SOB whenever he feels like it.

So my first ever video attempt, which I figured I could hammer out in 15 minutes, no problem, turned out a bit longer than that…..all because M. Bison is a heartless bastard, who doesn’t care a lick about the vain attempts at Youtube glory by mere mortals. So I could have just imploded, cut the video, whatever. But I decided, you know what, f**k it, I’m gonna roll with the punches, and I kept it all in, epic struggles against Mr. Bison included.

So here it is, my first attempt at Gamin’ and Talkin’. Hope you enjoy!

And if you enjoy what you see, please feel free to subscribe to my fledgling channel! 🙂

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*Fair Warning: There’s some colorful language happening. Just FYI.





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  1. Ok that was fun to watch. I had many issues with Vega and Bison when I played this back in the day but you mentioned how Bison kept getting harder and I said this as a kid, if you didn’t beat him first like two times, the computer was a dick and just ramped him up. I hated that. On Vega I noticed you did the same thing I would do, get to close with jump kicks etc. When you pulled back from him it made him easier to hit as hit long legs make him easier to hit when he tried to counter. I have to say I laughed my ass off not at you, with you as it was like me playing the game and hitting a crappy rut the game would not let me win. On Bison, yeah he was totally cheap and the scissor kick, it hit high THEN low, so cheap. Then that stomp, I HATED THAT MOVE. It overrode so many other moves and then we swung down to hit you. Hated that SOB. Great playthrough and I will go and subscribe.

    • I was certainly not on my A game, but I’m also rusty. That’s still no excuse to get your ass handed to you like that on a mild setting. Oh well.

      The sad part is, watching back the footage, I realize that the very FIRST Bison match, I lost the first round, then destroyed him the second, and had him on the ropes in the third. I could have beaten him, but let him get back in it, and then made the fatal mistake of jumping at the wrong time, so he obliterated me with a psycho crusher and thus became Master of the Universe. *sigh*

      It’s ok. I beat his ass…after like 10 tries.

      Thanks for watching! And I’m glad I could entertain, and gain a fan. There will be more and better coming in the future, I promise. I just hope it doesn’t involve so much of me sucking…….but hey, maybe that’s half of the entertainment value. 😉

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