Obscure/Forgotten Mega Man Games pt. 2 v2

From pinball to the LCD screen, Mega Man has appeared in over 130 games in his almost 30 years of existence. Some are bound to go under the radar due to their limited release while others may have gotten overshadowed by their games on home consoles. Today, I’ll be showcasing the remaining 18 games. If you haven’t read the first part, you can find it here.

Mega Man/Mega Man 3 – PC DOS, 1990/1993

These games were some of a very small bunch of MM games in the Classic series for the personal computer. Others were other PC games like Rockman Gold Empire, Rockman Strategy, Street Fighter X Mega Man, and 2015’s Mega Man Legacy Collection. The controls seem to be the worst part of the game even though the game in general looks like crap. The game wasn’t developed by Capcom, but by Hi Tech Expressions who published many poor quality NES games like Barbie and Hunt for Red October.

Is it worth playing? No!

Mega Man LCD Games – Tiger, 1991/1992

Only two Mega Man games were ported to the LCD Tiger Electronic games, Mega Man 2 and 3. You would think the games would be crap due to the limitations, but you actually go through stages, battle some Robot Masters, and Dr. Wily.

Is it worth playing? Maybe.

Mega Man III – Game Boy, 1992

This was a game I reviewed for Review A Bad Game Day back in August of 2013. Does that mean this game is getting a “No!” in the “Is it worth playing?” section? Nah. While I dislike this game, MMIII is a massive improvement compared to MMII, and even Wily’s Revenge. Levels feel beefier and the music is back to sounding pleasant to the ears. Graphics have also been improved from the previous GB titles.

My biggest issue with this game is the pixel perfect jumps at times along with the level design overall; especially in Dust and Dive Man’s stages. Difficulty and challenge are great, but taking them too far hinders my experience greatly (I also have similar feelings with MM9 and Unlimited).

Is it worth playing? Maybe. Give it a try; you may end up enjoying it more than I did.

Mega Man IV – Game Boy, 1993

Talk about polar opposites. While I hate MMIII, MMIV and the next game, MMV, are at the very top of my favorite games in the Classic series; even above the fan favorites Mega Man 2 and 3. I reviewed this game for Review A Great Game Day 2015.

Minakuchi Engineering went above and beyond with this game. Wonderful cutscenes (for an 8-bit system), new but familiar stage design, improved a few preexisting weapons from Mega Man 4 & 5, a shop system, and an awesome soundtrack, Mega Man IV is the closest thing to perfect to me in this beloved series. Sure it doesn’t look or play all that different from say, Mega Man 5 or 6, but as I’ve said before, the amount of love and effort put into these Game Boy titles, (outside MMII) shines, especially in this game and its sequel. When I played the Classic series games in order of release not too long ago, I noticed how enjoyable of an experience I was having playing these monochromatic games compared to the later NES games which felt mediocre and boring. The addition of a shop not only gave the series a much needed new idea, but also aids the player if they’re having a tough time; if you aren’t then have no fear, the shop is optional. Check out my RAGGD review for my extended thoughts about this game.

Is it worth playing? YES! I highly recommend you give this game a try. It’s a blast to play and never feels unfair.

Mega Man V – Game Boy, 1994

The final Game Boy Mega Man game continues to show how much more Minakuchi cared about making a Mega Man game compared to Capcom. Gone is the eight Robot Masters, Mega Buster, and even the “stop Wily from taking over the world” plot. Our villains here are the Stardroids; robots named after the nine (now eight) planets in our solar system. Their leader defeats Mega Man in battle and when the Rock regains conciseness, he’s given the Mega Arm by Dr. Light. This fist works similarly to the buster, but it can be upgraded to grab items from far away and clobber enemies to do extra damage. A third upgrade is also available if you game over a certain amount of times that speeds up the charge and speed of the fist when fired. Another addition to this game is Tango the cat. Tango will curl into a ball and jump around the screen to destroy enemies.

This was also a game I reviewed for Review A Great Game Day for 2013. Like Mega Man IV, this game is my favorite game in the Classic series. Do I like it more? No. Do I like it less? No. The game feels a little slower than MMIV, but it’s nothing terribly noticeable.

Throughout, Mega Man V is a great game. It rises above the fun, if not bland latter NES entries (as much as I enjoy Mega Man 6, it feels very bland when playing these games in order) with its new gameplay additions, new enemies, almost all the weapons are useful, the return of Dr. Light’s shop, etc.  The plot is even somewhat interesting, something I could never say about other games in the series. They really went all out, even until the end.

Is it worth playing? YES! If you’re going to play any of these games in these two Obscure/Forgotten Mega Man posts, play either this game or Mega Man IV. It depends on what you’re looking for: A traditional, but excellent game: MMIV, or a familiar, but new experience: MMV. All of these Game Boy games can be found on the 3DS eShop for $2.99-$3.99.

Mega Man: The Wily Wars – Genesis, 1994

Developed by Minakuchi Engineering, Wily Wars is the Super Mario All-Stars of Mega Man. It takes Mega Mans 12, and 3 and gives them the 16-bit treatment and actually saves your data rather than using passwords. There’s even an extra game in Wily Wars called Wily Tower, which you unlock after beating all of the other games. Wily Wars isn’t perfect, it suffers from major slowdown in some spots and the music is a hit or miss, but the gameplay is still the same. You will have to download the rom onto your computer or get a reproduction cart since this game was never released in the US in cartridge format back in ’94.

Is this game worth playing? Yes!

Mega Man’s Soccer – SNES, 1994

Don’t have much to say about this game either, it’s just soccer but with Mega Man characters. While the game has good music, the gameplay is boring. Plus the game has no ending unless you use a Game Genie or Pro Action Replay.

Is this game worth playing? No!

Mega Man: Battle & Chase– PS1, 1997-1998/2006

Battle & Chase is a Mario Kart style game with three gameplay modes: Grand Prix, Time Trial, and Versus Mode. This game was only released in Japan and the PAL regions. It was planned to be released in North America, but Sony of America did not approve the game because the market was already flooded with racing games. Fortunately, the game was included with the Mega Man X Collection in 2006. The games controls may take a little time to get used to but when you are comfortable with them, the game plays rather nicely.

Is it worth playing? Yes!

Rockman Gold Empire – PC, 1999

This game is similar to Wily & Right’s RockBoard on the Famicom. Gold Empire was developed by two companies: Strawberry Software and Soft-World International. Only released in Taiwan, Rockman Gold Empire is basically Monopoly just with Mega Man characters. To win you need to acquire as many assets/properties by rolling dice and spending money. Playable characters in this game are Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, Duo, and The Mayor who is a new character exclusive to this game. Dr. Wily is in this game too, but he’s not playable. Rather, he is controlled by the game.

Is it worth playing? No! You’d be better off playing RockBoard, Street Fighter Monopoly, or one of the other video game themed Monopoly games.

Rockman: Battle & Fighters – Neo Geo Pocket Color, 2000

This game is a port of the Power Fighters and Power Battles games released in Japanese arcades a few years earlier, but a lot of the music from the arcade versions is missing and the graphics aren’t as good. The story and endings are still present. Like many of the other games on this list, Battle & Fighters was never released outside of Japan. You can play Power Fighters and Power Battles in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the Gamecube and PS2 anyways, so you don’t need to bother with this game.

Is it worth playing? No!

Mega Man Xtreme 2 – Game Boy Color, 2001

Xtreme 2 offers players new level designs with bosses from X1, X2, and X3. You can play as either X or Zero in this game and when you beat the game with both characters, you will unlock Extreme Mode where you battle Sigma. This game starts off less brutal than its predecessor, which is nice, but the bosses in the final stage can be brutal. Dr. Light even has upgrades for Zero and there’s even a parts shop on the stage select screen where you can buy even more upgrades to improve your attack power and more. This game’s main downfall is vertical scrolling, since you can’t always see what’s above or below you. In general, Xtreme 2 is a small improvement over Xtreme.

Is it worth playing? Yes!

Rockman Strategy – PC, 2001

This PC game was only released in China and Taiwan and as the name implies, it’s a strategy game. A new group of robots called the Constellation Droids come to Earth and give Dr. Wily a choice of either cooperating with them or die. These new robots are all named after the twelve Zodiac signs, with the exception of their two leaders, Luna and Apollo.

Characters movements depend on the terrain and they can attack or use a special-move. This only works if an enemy or ally is nearby. If they choose to attack an enemy, they enter a combat sequence for a period of 30 seconds, and either they die, the enemy dies, or time runs out. During combat, they can attack regularly, use special attacks, use an item, defend, or run away. The “special-move” feature depends on the character. For Mega Man, this allows him to change his color/weapon like in the regular games. A character can also heal or save the game on the battlefield.

Is it worth playing? Maybe. But you would have to find a translated version online.

Rockman 7 FC & Rockman 8 FC– PC, 2008/2015*

*still a work in progress

Fans of the Blue Bomber have taken Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8, 16-bit and 32-bit games and transformed them into 8-bit. In the sprite of making them 8-bit the intro stage and the mid stage of both games were removed and all 8 Robot Masters are available from the start.

Starting with Rockman 7 FC which was finished in 2008, this version of the game removes Auto’s item shop so there is no screw collecting to do. Also the Robot Masters don’t repeat the same attack when you use their weakness in Rockman 7 FC making their battles more difficult. The weapon get screen shows you what the weapons does and tells the player any extra things like how you can charge Spring Man’s weapon or point the D-pad in any direction to aim Freeze Man’s weapon.

Lastly, Rockman 7 FC is almost entirely customizable. Players can edit, move sprites, and more, but are limited to size and the amount of colors.

If you hated the FMV of the original Mega Man 8 then you’re in luck since the 8-bit version has none of that. Rockman 8 FC keeps the item shop and screws are in the game but are more common. Also the game adds E-tanks which were never in the original. Since all 8 Robot Masters are available from the start some of the levels have been altered slightly so they no longer require special weapons to get across certain spots.

Remember how in the Saturn version where you could fight Cut Man and Wood Man? Well they keep two extra Robot Masters in the game, but they’re Time Man and Oil Man from Mega Man Powered Up and when defeated you can use their weapons. It’s only an idea so it isn’t in the current beta version.

Currently the game’s beta is playable to the final boss and end credits.

Rockman X3– Genesis, ???

It’s a port of the Super Nintendo/PS1/PC game Mega Man X3  filled with changes. You have infinite continues but only one life, no Dr. Doppler or Sigma, you start off with the armor from Mega Man X1, there are only six mavericks, and the damage you receive from mavericks only takes one sliver of your life away. The game has trouble loading elevator sections in Gravity Beetle and Blast Hornet’s stage, so you will have to save and restore the game, assuming your using an emulator. The controls seem broken and the music is repetitive and sounds like crap. Don’t expect a great ending if you manage to beat the game.

Is it worth playing? No!

Rockman DX3– Game Boy Color, ???

I’d say this was supposed to be a “sequel” to the two Xtreme games on the same system, but it’s actually a sequel to another pirate game called Zook Z (aka Rockman Z). Zook Z is part of a the Zook Hero series, which is an odd series of knock-off Mega Man games made in China. When you start the game, all seven bosses are already defeated, so if you want you can fight Sigma at the start. Looking at the gameplay, the graphics aren’t too bad and I’ve heard worse music from pirated games. The game seems to have been created from a copy of Mega Man V  becasue some of the graphical details like the planet in the intro and landscape during the credits, look exactly as they do in MMV. Oddly enough, there are two versions of this game. One has fightable bosses and different music.

Is this game worth playing? No!


So that’s roughly 32 obscure and forgotten Mega Man games I’ve looked at now. I had plans to make a third Obscure/Forgotten Mega Man games and one for the Sonic the Hedgehog series, but those ended up getting scrapped for reasons. Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment.

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  2. good stuff! The only thing I would possibly add was the Megaman Vs. Street Fighter game released on PC a couple of years ago – it’s a fan’s rom hack, but it’s officially recognized and released by Capcom, and it’s actually quite good.

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