Fallout – Episode 3 – Kevin Atomic Plays

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Time to kill some Radscorpions! I have the Road Warrior to help.

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About Kevin Atomic

About Kevin Atomic Kevin Atomic is a channel about collecting vinyl records, making fancy classic cocktails, and playing video games! First up is RetroActive; a show Kevin started back in 2009! Now it is back and still focusing on the retro video games that have never stopped being awesome. Kevin will talk about games from the early days with the Atari 2600, Nintendo NES and Sega Genesis all the way until the Gamecube, Xbox and Playsation 2. Then is Kevin Atomic Plays; where Kevin will be playing games new and old and making jokes; good ones I assure you. Cocktail Party is a show about making classic and delicious cocktails (such as an Old Fashioned) that are perfect for any get together (or when you just want a drink!). Lastly is Record Spin where Kevin will be spinning awesome and odd records new and old and also talking about record collecting.


  1. You have a long way to go my friend. You can actually complete this bit without killing a single radscorpion with the right combination of item and observational skills. But you need to visit Vault 2 first (which I think was the intended order from the developers since the enemies there are slightly less tough).

    • But where is the fun in not killing all the Radscorpions?

      • You’d have a point if you weren’t just standing there watching Ian do the dirty work. I’ve had a lot of managers like that! Hope you can take him further than I did, I always got him killed by Raiders because he’s got about as much battle sense as a drugged up beserker!

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