Scaredy Nim Plays – Sweet Home part 1

Hello fellow scaredy cats and brave frogs. I’m happy you have decided to journey with me through the creepy Mamiya manor in my Sweet Home text-based Let’s Play.

In case you missed my introduction article, I am a paradoxical froggie who scares super easily and yet has a love for horror games. For my first playthrough in this series, I picked a horror title that has been on my bucket list for some time – Sweet Home for the Famicom/NES. This is my first playthrough of the game.

Sweet Home was a 1989 title released in Japan only, and was based on the Japanese film of the same name. It was a heavy influence on the creators of my very favorite series, Resident Evil, and helped shape the survival horror genre at an early stage. It has been praised for its level design in that you are lead to discover the game’s story as you explore, rather than be told explicitly.

So in that case, let’s start our own investigation in the Mamiya mansion, and see if we can escape before we croak!

Sweet Home Title

We are a group of five, set out to a mansion far in the dark woods to look for an infamous fresco by the artist Mamiya Ichirou.


Evidently, prior searches have been unsuccessful and the investigators have vanished, causing the mansion to be labeled as haunted!


Ah, don’t worry about that, let’s just go right in.


Hmm, that loading screen looks familiar! Well, what a nice entrance hall. I think we’re going to be fine.

Oh wait, the ceiling is caving in!

3.5 - cave in

And now there’s a ghost!


Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. I think Mamiya’s ghost would rather just keep the painting and you know, that’s fine. Let’s focus on getting out of here.


While regrouping from our haunting and thankful we didn’t get bonked on the head when the ceiling was caving in, Kazuo aptly reminds us that we each have tools that could help us escape.


Well, first things first, let’s look around the room. Seems like all the lighting fixtures busted in during the cave in. Let’s not walk over that. But it’s blocking the only way out of the room…


Kazuo, once again being level-headed, reminds us that if we stick together, we will be all right. Remembering his advice about the tools, I decide to check around our small party and see what everyone has on them.

Umm. Maybe everyone’s exploration packs are under the cave in rubble?

10.5 - Items pt 1

So we’ve got Kazuo, our seem-to-be leader, with a lighter. Asuka must be a cleaner, with her vacuum, and Emi has a… key. All right then.

10.75 - items pt 2

Akiko is a nurse, and has her medical kit. I have a feeling that will come in handy shortly. And Taro has a camera to document our exploration.

Hmm. Well, does anyone have any ideas of how to get out of the room, should we just try to step around the glass? It looks like small pieces.

Oh, Asuka, you want to vacuum the glass? Isn’t that going to tear up the vacuum?

Oh you’re already done. Okay then.

Well, the way forward is clear now, let’s see what this mansion has for us!


The next room is a large hall that opens to several different doorways. Past the rooms on either side of us, the hall extends further before the wood paneling breaks into a gaping hole that stretches across the entire room.

Let’s check out that left room like the leader suggested.

12-Fresco room

Sweet, it’s a fresco. I’m sure that’s THE fresco right? Can we leave now? Oh that’s right, cave in. Okay.

Let’s check out the fresco.


A mother and child, with a spirit watching over them. Somehow, that’s a little calming. Kaz wants to preserve the fresco.

Wait Taro, what are you doing, isn’t flash photography bad for-

Okay. Well, we have a photo of the fresco now. That’s good.

Suddenly after the flash, some ghostly writing appears on the painting. Before it fades, let’s scrawl it down-

14-Fresco hint

Looks like we have some puzzle solving in our future!

Before exploring further, we picked up some helpful items off the tables – a health tonic said to both invigorate HP and relieve status effects, and a few fruit knives because it’s always good to be armed.

Back in the hall, Taro saw a note beside the gaping chasm.

15-Others like us

What could have happened to those earlier explorers?

Well, let’s try that room to the right since there is no way we are getting across that deep pit.

16-Unlock door

Emi, your key was actually a skeleton key? That’s awesome. Are you actually an art thief? We’ll have to watch you around these frescoes.

The next room is a long, red-carpeted hall. Wait, what is that blue thing floating towards us…

17 -Spirited Away

Eeeeek another ghost! Before we can get away, it grabs Asuka and carries her back to where Taro found that note in the big hallway. She quickly catches back up to us.

In this room we start our random encounter battles. Good thing we have those fruit knives. These battles star villains such as:

Creepy doll! (Why dolls ughhhh D:)

18- Doll Battle!

And fiery will-o’-the-wisp! He kinda looks like a lion, aww.

19 - Wisp!

More on those battles later.

Further down this hallway, Asuka found some bloody lettering on the wall next to a skeleton. Were these his dying words?

19.5 - Written in Blood

Across from the skeleton was an alcove with some 2 by 4s on the ground. Ah, why not, let’s bring them along.

20 -Wood

The next room in the hallway was super dark, so Kaz used his lighter. We could see a tiny bit better.

Asuka picked up the note behind Kaz after he illuminated the room. Maybe it’s a warning?

22 - First Dark Room hint

Oh, more wood! Let’s get all the wood!

21 - Lot of Wood

Do you think I picked up too much? Ah, it’s fine. Let’s go on.

In front of us, the dark room revealed a spear which Asuka picked up, and… another gaping hole. Well, back to the entry hall I suppose.

Oh yeah, we’re carrying around all these wood planks, let’s set some down and try to cross the gap. Taro, Asuka, and Emi can go ahead while Akiko and Kaz see if we missed anything.

23 - New Area

Success. The area opens up to a few more doorways as well as some stairs that seem to have half a corpse lying at the top of them. Yay.

Taro heads back to pick up the others, and when they cross back over our makeshift bridge…

23.5 - Taro Trapped!

The wood plank collapses and Taro finds himself grasping at the crumbling floor! Can Akiko save him? Or will he fall to his death?


Find out Wednesday in Part 2! 🙂

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  1. This game looks so cool.

    • It is very much cool, indeed. One of my favorite NES games, it makes me sad that we never got the game (or the movie) over here.

      • I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I’m guessing the main reason we never got it here was due to the spooky nature of it? It may have scared me as a kid. But again, it doesn’t take much with me. 😛

  2. Damn, I’m so conflicted. I want to keep reading these, but I also want to play the game myself someday and am worried about, obviously, spoilers. I’ll probably keep reading because as much as I want to play it, I have no idea if I ever will.

    This was really good. I’m often in situation where I can’t or don’t want to watch a video, so this text thing is perfect for me. One thing I’d suggest, if I may, is to maybe embed a Youtube clip of a track from the game’s soundtrack. I feel like it is the only element missing to really make me feel like I’m watching someone play the game (or playing it myself). I said I’m often in situations where I can’t watch a vid, but I can LISTEN to one. I’d love to hear the game’s soundtrack as I read. Just a suggestion, as you are under no obligation to change anything simply because I’d enjoy it. I can always go to Youtube and find the soundtrack myself, right? 🙂

    • Thank you again for your comment and suggestion! I’m looking into getting a music track embedded, I think that will definitely add to the series. From what I hear, there are a few different endings to this game depending on who makes it out, so if you do want to play it on your own later on, you may have a different experience! I’m hoping we can escape with everyone in tact, but we’ll see. 🙂

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