N64 Hori Mini Pad Review – The Ultimate N64 Controller?

Greetings – My name is Lee, and this is my first post on Skirmish Frogs, hopefully the first of many posts you’ll see from me! (Sidenote – Big thanks to Eric for letting me post here). Over at PugHoofGaming, my message is first and foremost: “Keep Gaming Positive”, and that is exactly what you can expect if you head on over to the YouTube channel and subscribe. Every week, I post a new video and most of what I do post is about my main passion – Retrogaming.

I have a great deal of love for gaming hardware, and I love any excuse to talk about my collection of gaming consoles and accessories – Hence this video, taking a look at one of my favourite ever third-party controllers – Hori’s Nintendo 64 Mini Pad. What it lacks in size it makes up for in quality, but enough about that; watch the video and find out for yourself why I think this is such a great pad.

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  1. Great review. I haven’t seen too many well made reviews for the Hori N64 game pad.

  2. Wow. While I can see the need for a controller for smaller hand profiles, the Z button being on both the left and right behind L and R would bug the crap out of me.

    • It’s a bit of an adjustment, for sure – But it at least gives you the choice over which side you want to have your trigger finger on (For GoldenEye 007, the left hand Z trigger feels more natural to me).

  3. Many serious speed runners of Super Mario 64 use the Hori exclusively for the Bowser fights. As you may recall, those fights require you to spin the control stick around rather vigorously in order to get momentum to fling the big guy across the stage. Since these guys really abuse their controllers (both the force they apply to actually throw him and the frequency with which they practice), they switch out their controllers when they enter a Bowser fight and use the Hori’s far-improved analog stick for better precision and durability.

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