As I continue to plug away at the project at hand, I thought I’d show some of my earlier work for those who have yet to see it. This was my first hand at making YouTube videos, and it focused on multi-carts from days gone by. I had dabbled in a few of these carts over the years, with my favorite being Super 190-in-1.

But, multi-carts weren’t always as they seemed, and more often than not, that was the case.┬áHave a watch!

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As a lover of retro gaming, cartoons and old Nickelodeon bumpers, Wally has been all over the retro community since 2010. While not always a consistent contributor, Wally can be seen interacting and sharing opinion and nostalgia all across the interwebs. Follow him on Twitter @WallyWallcakes


  1. Nice video it was very entertaining! I hope to see more of your videos on here.

  2. “Nope. Contra.” Lol! I also really liked “Anxious Two-Wheeler,” myself.

    This is my favorite genre of YouTube videos: It’s about retro gaming, it’s informative and entertaining, and kept to a bite-sized span of time. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This, Wally, is 100% gold. More, please. Much, much more. Also, it’s really nice to hear that buttery voice again. Mmmmm, butter. What? No, that part isn’t JUST so I can use this .gif and I resent the accusation! Good day, sir! But really, more of these. Great job.

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