Retro Freak: The Retron 5 Killer? – Retro Gaming News

While some may say retro gaming is strictly in the past, I beg to differ. On my channel I offer a Retro Gaming News show that spotlights new things in the retro gaming community. Check out my latest episode here!

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I'm RetroGamingTube 85. Aside from doing retro videos on YouTube under this account, I'm also EiC of Nintendo Enthusiast, and 1/2 of their YouTube page as well, which has achieved 16K+ subs!


  1. Dang, I am so out of the loop on stuff lately. I had no idea the Retro Freak was a thing. Thanks for doin’ what you do — all about spreading the love, as you said.

    And seriously, did the N64 get ANY shmup titles?!

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