Trel’s Let’s Play Corner: Startropics

Top Frog’s favorite game!

I get the feeling that my attempt to do the game more justice the second time around really didn’t do it any justice at all.


NOTE: The intro and outro card is for  a now-defunct let’s play group that I started with someone I am no longer on good terms with. That being said, I may redo this project again to remove that blemish from my (easily) publicly viewable available catalog.

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  1. I chuckled at the spoiler alert in part 1. *pop!* I die a -lot.-

    Nice. Then again, it’s always nice to see my favorite game! Thanks. Might have to pop back in for more sometime.

  2. Not going to lie, having you read the dialog out loud while it was on the screen was a little off-putting, but aside from that I really enjoyed what I watched of it. You did quite a good job of describing the mechanics of the game as you encountered new things. I’ll have to try and check out some more of your videos.

    • Also, your comments were done in a way that didn’t draw too much attention from the gameplay, which I thought was a nice touch.

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