Retro Racing Review of F-Zero X

Hello one and all to my very first review on this here site! Today I am going to take you on a magical journey through time to show you all something you (yes you, reader) should have played long ago. Now I don’t know about you but, I like me some future stuff. Now I’m sure you have heard of F-Zero by now but many people have told me that they have never heard of probably the best game in the series: F-Zero X!

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F-Zero X was released for the Nintendo64 on July 14th of 1998 by Nintendo. This was the second F-Zero game to hit American markets.


  Due to the more advanced hardware of the Nintendo 64, you can expect faster gameplay than the original Super Nintendo game. The game’s breakneck speeds require split second decision making and cat-like reflexes to win, especially on the harder difficulties. 1fdc1d137859ba79b8e698417937bca9

  Gifs by themselves do not do the game enough justice since they are slowed down. You start out on the track in your F-Zero Machine that you selected from the wide selection of machines. Each one comes down to personal preference, I for example usually choose White Cat with a red paint job. Once in the race you will start out in place 30 out of 30. The game takes advantage of the most important aspect of any race: overtaking your opponent. To do this easily, boost past the other racers, however you should watch your energy meter in the top right of the screen. Your energy accounts for vehicle damage as well as how much boost you can use, refill your energy by going through the pink strips that are placed around the track.bandicam 2015-10-28 20-48-52-301

Sound Design:

  The sound in this game is Nintendo-made so music is bound to be excellent. Even if you have never heard of F-Zero until now, you have most likely heard the catchy tunes to the tracks of “Big blue” and “Mute City”. The sound effects are pretty basic but still sound great when in the heat of battle against another tough racer. However the game has the tendency of overlapping effects if you are being bounced around and this can get annoying.

bandicam 2015-10-28 21-01-07-839 Graphics:

  The Graphics in F-Zero X really show off the Nintendo 64’s capabilities. The lines are smooth, the effects are done right, and it is not as polygonal as some games from it’s era. The game definitely has aged well and blew the socks of some of those who played it back in the day. Character sprites were very well done and there certainly are a lot of them! Even the draw distance of the track has no effect on the game from the way it was graphically designed.4873770cf6db6823c8636f383f667a71In Conclusion:

  Check the game out, it’s fast and arcadey physics are addicting and the music is catchy. Pair these with the bumpin’ tunes and you have yourself a racing game like no other!

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  1. Please feel free to leave criticism, I am always looking for ways to improve.

  2. Don’t forget about the battle mode! Oh man! That endless loop of track! Destroying 29 other racers! So epic!

  3. Nice, fun, breezy review — of one of my sentimental favorite games! Seriously, it might be my favorite racer. Not sure what other game, especially of that era, does such a great job conveying a sense of high speed.

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