Everything is egg-shaped right now.

British gamers will be familiar with the white egg with red boxing gloves known as Dizzy, the star of a series of cartoon adventures from the Oliver Twins, Phillip and Andrew.

This is a very British tale of a talking egg who must solve puzzles and find hidden treasures, accompanied by the Yolk Folk and egg-based puns. And a hidden treasure has been found and released – the NES version of WONDERLAND DIZZY. This game suffered the crushing blow of not being released TWICE – once on the NES and once as part of another Dizzy game on Game Gear.

With the help of a Polish coder, you can now play the full game online or download the ROM for the emulator.

Mock cover for Wonderland Dizzy

The mockup cover for the previously unreleased Wonderland Dizzy

The reveal of this lost title took place at an event in Cambridge, England to promote a Kickstarter for a new book from Fusion Retro Books. This British publisher has a series of books on software companies and classic British hardware, and this latest title will tell the story of the Oliver Twins and their games. From creating titles for budget label Codemasters to found their own company Blitz Games, right up to the current day with new venture SkySaga.

If you want to play the game, the link is

Play Wonderland Dizzy in your browser

And if you are interested in backing the Kickstarter, with perks including specially created merchandise and signed goodies, check out

Back “Let’s Go Dizzy – the Story of the Oliver Twins” on Kickstarter

And if you like your eggs a bit more prehistoric, then it’s time to check out DINO EGGS REBIRTH on Steam Greenlight. Original programmer David H Schroeder is reviving this classic 8-bit platform game for new generations of hardware.

Dino Eggs: Rebirth logo

Dino Eggs: Rebirth recreates a classic 8-bit title.

You can vote for the game here:

Vote for Dino Eggs Rebirth on Steam Greenlight

And you can read David’s series of articles on recreating the game and his programming career on Gamasutra here, starting with part 1:

David H. Schroeder – Everything I learned about computer games, I didn’t learn at Yale…

And visit the website for the latest news:

Dino Eggs Rebirth website

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  1. I could’nt believe the news about Wonderland. I thought it was just Magic Land dizzy with an added Cheshire Cat and Daisy, but it’s actually wuite a clever little reworking isnt it?

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