Yooka-Laylee Nostalgia

[ Editor’s Note: This feature was commissioned as part of the RetroPitch 2017 event. ] ### Looking at Yooka-Laylee’s critical reception from the outside (IE as somebody who hasn’t played it), I find the variety of responses intriguing. Actually, it would be more accurate to say I find the lack…

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The History of WWE Games – Micro League Wrestling (C64)

I’ve set out on the daunting task of combing through the complete history of WWF/WWE video games that span over 30 years. It’s a LOT to cover, but should keep me busy for a long time. When researching the history of the series, I always thought that the first WWF game was on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I was wrong.

Before the NES and other console wrestling games, the World Wrestling Federation licensed their first video game on a home computer. This takes a look at Micro League Wrestling, a turn based strategy game for the Commodore 64.

Italian Cinema and Survival Horror

[ Editor’s Note: This feature was commissioned as part of the RetroPitch 2017 event. ] ### When Tokuro Fujiwara, Shinji Mikami, and their team created Resident Evil, they drew from a variety of horror fiction to help create the creepy settings and iconic moments of the series’ earliest games. We…

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RetroPitch 2017!

  For several years now, I have simply wanted to pay people to write good retro gaming content. Now, I am delighted to be able to say: It’s time to do it. ### Welcome to RetroPitch 2017!     Basically, the idea is that I want to publish…

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Skirmish Frogs is Closing

I am finally convinced that “collaborative retro gaming website” is not a viable idea. Content-driven internet destinations rely on a torrid cycle of news and reviews. While classic gaming is certainly a realm with its share of news and reviews alike, the value is greatly diminished by scarcity…

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