Review a great Game day 2017: G-LOC


Normally I would say a shooter that pits the player against an armour-plated hot air balloon would instantly earn its place among the greats, but the Master System version of G-LOC was probably a disaster waiting to happen for a couple of reasons. For one, there was the…

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Zx Spectrum Day Part Two: The Games

zx spectrum

Hello! If you’ve seen my other article you’d know that, in its’ own lunchtime, the Zx Spectrum was a pretty big deal. Things have progressed since its’ 80’s heyday however – so does the humble Speccy still have any games that are worth playing today? I argue yes. It…

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A.B. Cop

ab cop

So, it’s Sega week around here, eh? In that case, let’s take a look at one of the more obscure titles in the Sega stable: A.B. Cop. Never heard of A.B. (Air Bike) Cop? Don’t worry, most of the internet doesn’t seem to have either. Not only is…

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