What Zelda Game Should I Play First?

A question I get asked quite a lot is from those that have somehow never played a Zelda game before. Yes, there are quite a few of you that have, for one reason or another, never indulged in the delights of wielding the Master Sword, exploring the world of Hyrule, or defeating Ganon.

But, you know it’s never too late. With Twilight Princess HD on the way and the Wii U Zelda game hopefully coming our way in 2016 – Now is the perfect time to brush up on your swordplay. Because I’m so lovely and nice, I did a little video a while ago, with my opinion on what games you newcomers should play to get a handle on why so many people love this series. Watch, enjoy, and subscribe to PugHoofGaming for more videos, just like this one!

How Many Bits Is Enough Bits?

In the 90’s it seemed like all the consoles (or at least the advertising) was all about that bits. (No nibble. :3) But looking back, knowing what we know now, I wondered “How many bits IS actually enough bits?” This is what I think. I should probably start…

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Becoming the Batman

In 1991 I got Batman for the NES as a Christmas present and it changed my life forever. I’m sure there are a lot of gamers out there that have this same story about a game moving from entertainment into obsession, but here is one of mine.

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Top 5 Star Wars Games – Retro Edition

Star Wars is all that Hollywood is talking about right now, and we all know it holds a special place in the heart of gamers as well. In this video, I take a look at my Top 5 Star Wars Games, and only focus on the retro ones. Be sure to leave me your list below or on the video. Thank you for watching, liking the video, and subscribing to my channel!


The Evolution of NES Mega Man

Mega Man is known by nearly every gamer. You mention his name and it unleashes many images, like awesome weapons, memorable music, and that little robot in blue. But most people do not realize all the changes that spanned the series to make it what it is today.…

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Meet Zelda: Wind Waker’s REAL Hero – Salvatore!

Games tend to have heroes. Everyday folk who find a magical sword or some other McGuffin. The knight in shining armour. The plumber in white gloves. Yes, heroes are a gaming staple, and we celebrate this extraodinary folk for allowing us to indulge in every single power fantasy we could ever think of.

But what of those who don’t have the Master Sword, a plasma rifle or mushrooms? A hero doesn’t necessarily need any of these things. Sometimes, a hero can make the smallest of differences – Such as Wind Waker’s Salvatore.

In this video from my archives, I prove that there’s more to the man behind the Sinking Ships minigame…

Introduction to GCNdex.

Series: GCNdex

Editor’s note: GCNdex is a weekly video series where I play through and talk about  every GameCube game in chronological order. As of right now, I’m getting ready to post episode 16, so here’s a quick introduction about the what’s and why’s of GCNdex, because I’m not about…

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