Game-Rave TV Ep. 59: The 27 Letter Lament: “F”

Series: GameRaveTV

Our newest lament tackles a weird decision when it came to using a licensed product. Subscribe and Join the Fun! Support GameRaveTV and Get Cool Stuff Download GameRaveTV’s Opening / Ending Credits at: © 2014 All Original Content © Jason Dvorak Music…

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Pause Mode Ep. 20: Sega Star Wars Games

Series: GameRaveTV

Jason makes a grocery list of Star Wars games for the Dreamcast and Sega CD you can pick up and play while waiting for The Force Awakens. Subscribe and Join the Fun! Support GameRaveTV and Get Cool Stuff Download GameRaveTV’s Opening / Ending Credits…

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Trel Plays Pokemon Stadium Episode 1

This is a stream I decided to turn into an LP on the drop of a hat. I’ll be starting with Gym Leader Castle since it seems like the most fitting place to start.

This series is beginning with Round 2 because Round 1 had far too shallow of a difficulty curve.

The Pokemon used on my team were generated using a Red, Blue, and Yellow save editor. I mostly did this for convenience.

Without further ado, enjoy the show!

A Cat to Skirmish With the Frogs (Plus: A Quiz)


As the newest member to join the Skirmish Frogs team, I thought I’d pop in and say a few words about myself while I get my first article written and edited.  I’m 28 (nearly 29), a girl, have eight cats, and have been gaming pretty much my entire life.  I have a varied gaming diet among consoles and PC, but I’m still a Nintendo girl at heart.  My favorite game is Blaster Master, my favorite Pokemon is Skitty, and when I’m not gaming, I’m arting*.  And when I’m not arting, I’m ruining people’s Christmases with my opinions at my blog,  I’ve also written and co-written a few (gaming-related, of course) articles for

*Or trying to.

I’m bad with regular updates, but I’ll strive to contribute something worthwhile to the Skirmish Frogs community.  Also, I normally swear like a drunken sailor, but I’d like to challenge myself and keep it clean here.

Until next time, here’s a montage of final boss fights set to a Weird Al song I made a whopping five years ago.  How many games can you identify?

The Moment: Black Belt

Series: The Moment

I always fought bosses in video games strategic.  Now, some people will plan out their attacks or grind a bit more to power through a boss but for some, there’s a patience attach to the battle.  That patience allows you to get through the battle and come out…

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