Collecting Dreams

The Dreamcast may have been a brief shooting star, but in its trail came the collectors. With a wide range of titles and a fascinating array of peripherals, there is plenty for the dedicated to track down. I was lucky enough to win my Dreamcast in a raffle…

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Obscure DOS game – Roboman [1989]

Roboman, an obscure game from 1989, developed by Xor Corporation! The aim of this video is to encourage viewers to go and download this game and experience some good old 80’s nostalgia! Here’s the link where you can download the game: http:–– You must have DosBox first. Enjoy!

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Trel’s Let’s Play Corner: Earthbound

This is a series I did out of order from what I originally had planned. I was almost entirely blind for this series, and it only proved to highlight why I don’t like doing blind runs for my main channel.

All in all, I think it went well.

Strap in, folks. This one’s pretty long.

RPGBros: Origin Story

Series: RPGBros

I know a little bit more about the original Final Fantasy for the NES than I did when I was a kid. I know that it was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi as a ‘final’ project before he exited the video game industry and left a small failing game…

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Retro News Round Up – November 2015

This month’s retro gaming news round up contains Dizzy, Dangerous Dave, Doctor Who on the NES, and a way to get your Dreamcast back online.

This episode’s links:

Back the Kickstarter for the book ‘The Story of the Oliver Twins’:

Download the unreleased NES title Wonderland Dizzy:

More on the unreleased N64 platformer Freak Boy:

Order the Retro Freak on Play Asia:

More on the widescreen hack for the Dreamcast on the Assembler Games forum:

More details on the DreamPi software for the Dreamcast:

Fruit’Y on the Dreamcast:

Moggy Master on the Master System:

Doctor Who for the NES:

Prototype port of Putty Squad for the Mega Drive:

Dreamcast Junkyard footage of the cancelled Dreamcast port of Colin McRae Rally 2.0:

Fan translation of Family Tennis NES:

Fan translation of Musashi no Ken: Training Days on NES:

Fan translation of Battle Storm on the NES:

Fan translation of Super Star Force: Secrets of the Space-Time Almanac on the NES:

Fan translation of PS2 port of Phantasy Star Generation 2:

Fan translation of Zoids Legends on Game Boy:

Fan translation of Virtual Fishing on Virtual Boy:

Fan translation of 19: Neunzehn on the Famicom Disk System:


StarTropics, How I Love Thee!

Originally posted on   What is your favorite NES game of all time? Many of you would choose Super Mario 3, and I wouldn’t blame you – it’s a great game with solid platforming and awesome music. Some of you would choose The Legend of Zelda, because…

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POG Reviews: Megaman 2

Megaman 2.  The name of the game itself bring smiles to faces and great memories from our gaming past.  But what made Megaman 2 great?  Lets take a look in the first POG Reviews…… Megaman 2. That image above is my copy, from childhood and I still have…

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Trel’s Let’s Play Corner: Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow

This is a game I had as a kid that I really enjoyed. I only ever had the SNES version, but it was also released on PC, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy.

I feel this is the superior version. I tried playing the others, but found them unenjoyable.

Since this is my first real LP involving my stream, this is where we begin to see my links to social media throughout the videos themselves since I cross-promote myself on the stream.

As mentioned above, I tried played the Genesis (The PC version is identical, except for graphics and sound, which are better) and the Game Boy version. These are unedited from my secondary Trelstreams Youtube channel.

WARNING: I get almost over the top angry at later stages of the Genesis version. You have been warned.