Pause Mode Ep. 20: Sega Star Wars Games

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Jason makes a grocery list of Star Wars games for the Dreamcast and Sega CD you can pick up and play while waiting for The Force Awakens. Subscribe and Join the Fun! Support GameRaveTV and Get Cool Stuff Download GameRaveTV’s Opening / Ending Credits…

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A Cat to Skirmish With the Frogs (Plus: A Quiz)


As the newest member to join the Skirmish Frogs team, I thought I’d pop in and say a few words about myself while I get my first article written and edited.  I’m 28 (nearly 29), a girl, have eight cats, and have been gaming pretty much my entire life.  I have a varied gaming diet among consoles and PC, but I’m still a Nintendo girl at heart.  My favorite game is Blaster Master, my favorite Pokemon is Skitty, and when I’m not gaming, I’m arting*.  And when I’m not arting, I’m ruining people’s Christmases with my opinions at my blog,  I’ve also written and co-written a few (gaming-related, of course) articles for

*Or trying to.

I’m bad with regular updates, but I’ll strive to contribute something worthwhile to the Skirmish Frogs community.  Also, I normally swear like a drunken sailor, but I’d like to challenge myself and keep it clean here.

Until next time, here’s a montage of final boss fights set to a Weird Al song I made a whopping five years ago.  How many games can you identify?

The Moment: Black Belt

Series: The Moment

I always fought bosses in video games strategic.  Now, some people will plan out their attacks or grind a bit more to power through a boss but for some, there’s a patience attach to the battle.  That patience allows you to get through the battle and come out…

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Skirmish Frogs Chat Server!

I’ve had an idea for doing a community chat since the day we launched the site. Now that I’ve gotten Top Frog’s go-ahead, I’ve gone and made a Discord chat server for us to use as a community!

“What’s Discord?” I hear you asking, it’s a chat service in the vein of programs like Vent and Team Speak where you have access to an IRC-like chat room as well as voice chat that you can use if you so desire. I figured since something like this is free to have and use from a user and admin standpoint, that we could use this.

“Why not use Skype?” I can also hear you croak. I feel this is a much better alternative to Skype since there’s no need to exchange contact information, as well as having access to multiple voice chats all at once.

“How do I use Discord?” A fine question! You can go to their website and sign up (totally free, the dev team made this specifically as a free alternative) and you have the convenience of running it in your browser, in the standalone desktop app, or even on your Android or iPhone.

I urge all of the frogs to at least check it out!

Thanks for your time! <- Server invite link

GameCube Index Episode 17: SSX Tricky

gciopenslidebigSSX Tricky is the stellar sequel to the Playstation 2 title, SSX, which was released the prior year for that system’s launch window. The SSX franchise is a competitive snowboarding series, where the player is tasked with taking a number of playable and unlockable characters down the mountain as fast as possible in races, or far more interestingly, down the mountain as rad as possible in trick tournaments, racking up points and putting others to shame. Read More

At The London Gaming Market

The first of its kind in the area, the London Gaming Market came to the capital on Sunday November 15th, containing tons of sellers related to gaming and board games, as well as a lot of eager folk trying to grab a good bargain.

I was there for this inaugural event, and as well as picking up a few bargains (which you’ll see in a future video), I also had a chat with console modder Retrospective22, and the editor of fanzine Hyper Play!

You can see (and buy) more of Retrospective22’s work at

Buy your copy of Hyper Play from

Video Transcription:

This is Pug Hoof Gaming, and we are at the London Gaming Market!

On Sunday, 15th November, the Royal National Hotel hosted London’s first Gaming Market. The first of its kind to take place in London, this event featured a whole host of games traders, ready to sell their wares to an eager bunch of collectors and gamers alike.

With the organisers at Replay Events, Showmasters and Dark Cleo Productions planning to host one of these events every four months, I just had to be there at the very first one, to see what the fuss was all about. It was also a great opportunity to chat with friends old and new, as well as talk to some of the market vendors themselves. One of the highlights for me personally was a stall belonging to Retrospective22, a seller of cosmetically modified retro systems that impressed me with their creativity.

So we’ve got games, and we’ve also got hardware, we’ve also got some specially modified consoles by this man here. What’s your business name?

Retrospective 22.

So, I’ve seen you do quite a lot of different modding stuff, do you mod any console?

Yeah, we’ll give it a go, but I like to do the retro ones mainly, customise them and theme them on pop culture things.

Is it just cosmetics you do, or do you do a bit of the functional stuff, like lighting.

There’s a few things we do, like the DMGs, in NESes we do the region mod. But I like doing the paints, on the Gamecubes.

You’ve got some really nice Gamecubes over there, very subtle, single colours, double colours really with an insignia over the top – They’re really nice – I’ll put them in the video i na second so you guys can actually see. Actually, we’ve got one here that’s just been handed over to me. As you can see, very simple, really nice little look for that there, very stencilly.

So with this one, I was kind of inspired by the N64, the Pokemon one.

Yeah of course!

So it was the yellow and the blue. When I do a custom job on a console, I try to keep it as original as possible, because I think you can either go two ways with a custom job. You can overdo it and it’ll look a bit tacky, or you can try to keep it as original as possible, and make it a better finish.

There’s definitely a very nice finish to those consoles, you wouldn’t even know they were painted, to your credit it’s a good way of doing that. Is the Gamecube your favourite console to to a paintjob on?

Yeah, I enjoy doing painting the Gamecubes, but my favourite console of all time is the SNES, that’s the only one I collect

I can’t really argue with a man that picks SNES as his favourite – A man after my own heart here! You can’t go wrong with a nicely modded SNES. You’ve got some Legend of Zelda ones over there, an Iron Man Mega Drive – You’ve got everything here! A great variety of pop culture favourites here. Very nice, a different approach, and not just video game focused, but pop cultury stuff as well, which is very different. It stands out from a mile away – If you saw it from the other end of this room (If you could see, because it’s so busy here!), you’d actually see them from quite a way away.

I really love these, what’s your website link? Twitter? Tell the guys!

It’s Retrospective22, on Facebook it’s the same, and Instagram as well. We’re not on Twitter yet, but I think we’re going to have to do that.

You gotta go on Twitter! We’re on Twitter. Thank you very much for taking the time to chat, and have I hope you have a good day!

Board games also had quite a big presence, with tons of the games for sale at some stalls, with a few tables set up with some demonstrations of some of the cooler games. As someone who’s recently been playing more board games, it was great to actually see some of these games in action. While it started off as the quieter room or the event, it certainly filled up a bit later on!

It’s about ten to twelve, so it’s been open for only 50 minutes, but it’s absolutely busy here!

With so many attendees in such a small space, it wasn’t easy even getting to some of the stalls. Thankfully, everyone else seemed to be polite enough to step aside if you asked nicely, but you definitely had to be quick in order to grab those bargains. My wife was looking for a PS1 copy of Parappa The Rapper, but unfortunately, someone had already got the one available copy first. Despite this minor setback, I still managed to pick up a few real bargains myself!

But it wasn’t just about buying video games or board games, as there was a good sense of community throughout the two rooms of the Royal National Hotel, as well as something I hadn’t seen in quite a while – A homemade fanzine for sale! I had a chat with the creators to find out more.

So, what started Hyper Play?

Well, I was looking for a fanzine online, something which was all about Nintendo and retro games, but I couldn’t find one in print, obviously there’s stuff on the web. I thought, maybe something to enjoy away from the screen, at the end of the day, also all the Nintendo magazines were closing and I thought “well, why not do my own?”, so here we have Hyper Play RPG. It’s mostly RPGs, but also Nintendo of any era as well. Trying to bring back the love.

So it’s mainly JRPGs at the moment, any other import stuff as well as JRPGs?


It sounds very interesting actually, it’s very interesting to do something in print these days, as everything is digital, ebooks, PDFs.

It’s the retro love, really.

It’s a classic black and white, can we have a quick flick through to show everyone? So it’s all black and white, text.

Plenty of content.

It’s very old school, you can’t get any more retro than a black and white fanzine print. It’s actually quite impressive, I’ve had a quick flick through after I bought my copy just now – So this is issue nought? When it issue 1 coming out?

Issue 1 is coming this month, maybe December – But it’s coming. On the back, we do a preview, Xenoblade Chronicles – Knights of the Old Republic, and a couple of other retro games as well.

So if you want to get a copy of this for themselves?

Well, it’s online, we’ve got out own website –, and you can also get it on eBay where you can pay what you like for it.

I can’t say fairer than that! How about Twitter?

Yes on Twitter @HyperplayRP, so we’re on that.

Excellent, thank you very much! Check out Hyper Play, it’s very good so far, if you like retro, SNES and JRPGs it’ll be right up your street.

So that was the London Gaming Market, it’s been a pretty good day, a really nice turnout. It’s so nice to see so many people celebrating the world of retro gaming, modern gaming and of board games of course. Lots of bargains to be had here, I did pick up a few things – I’m not going to show you what they are, I think I’m going to save them for another video. I met a load of great people, it’s been a wonderful time and hopefully this will be the first of many London Gaming Market video from events like this in future. Thank you very much for watching, as always you can subscribe to us, which does me a favour and also keeps you up to date with all the latest videos we’ve got. You can follow me on Twitter @PugHoofGaming and keep up to date with all the stuff I’m doing, all the places I’m going, the people I’m meeting and blah blah blah!

Just keep on watching our videos, share subscribe, like, all that good stuff. Thank you very much for watching and until next time – Keep Gaming Positive!

Happy Birthday Mr. Miyamoto

Hey my fellow frogs, how’s it going? As many of you may be aware, today is Shigeru Miyamoto’s 63rd birthday. He’s definitely the most influential developer in the games industry as he’s responsible for many of the games we played and still do. So let us wish Mr.…

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