Best Videogame Switches


Nintendo have finally revealed all of the details surrounding the launch of their new Switch console, and opinion in the videogame community is unsurprisingly mixed. While we all wait for the console to finally hit the streets, let’s look at some great switches from videogames of the past! Sonic…

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I unlocked my NES Mini

If you’re interested in old videogames, you probably already know that some clever chaps have worked out how to add new games to the NES mini. Now, generally I’m quite a cautious sort, so when it comes to unauthorised 3rd party hacks that can brick your hardware, I…

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The Hero of Anxiety

When the original Legend of Zelda came around, there was a line in the instruction manual that read, “YOU ARE…’LINK.’” I think that sentiment is what’s spun me into naming every iteration of Link, as well as any given male protagonist in RPGs, after myself. If you’re wondering…

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I Am Over 500 Subscribers. Thank You!

  I am over 500 Sub Scribers here on YouTube, thank you! ————————————- New Logo and Intro by RealSonicVideos: ————————————- Spellbound Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ————————————- Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Skirmishfrogs: 8 Bit…

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Atari Flashback 6 Review

With Atari Week fast approaching here on SkirmishFrogs, rather than take a look at a personal memory of a game on the Atari 2600 that I remember fondly, I thought just for a slight change to have a look at a plug and play system that caught my…

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Retro Revival Road Trip – Mega Man Cartoon & Game Retrospective

saturdaymorning_megamanHey everyone…Some of you may know that I do a Saturday morning/weekday cartoon retrospect show over at Youtube (if you did’nt, well then whats keeping you from watching?) and wanted to share one particular episode that I just completed. Reason why I’m posting it here is that it not only covers the Mega Man Cartoon from the 90’s but I also dwell into the character’s origin, all the while some pretty cool hand selected, tunes play in the background (You might even recognize one of the people that helped with the tracks).


I love this character, and dug up as much info to compliment it and the cartoons/television shows that influenced its creation.

I hope you enjoy it… and maybe soon, I’ll cover other video game related cartoon shows 😉