In Defence of…Electronic Arts!?


Electronic Arts, eh. Why does everyone hate them so much? Ok, that’s a bit of an easy one to answer if I’m honest: Shutting popular studios,  unleashing Origin, the legacy of the Ea Spouse stuff, the revolving door of controversies surrounding their Downloadable Content Policies. . . I think…

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Zelda On A Cell Phone?

  So Nintendo is making Zelda for cell phones. Um, ok. I am actually very confused on this. How can Zelda be distilled dow to a cell phone? Just a bunch of tapping and dungeon stuff? I don’t know let’s discuss. ————————————- New Intro, Logo, Overlay, Banner and…

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Cool Spot Pt. 1: Too Cool For School

  So now it’s time to dive into another part of what I’ve privately dubbed “The Harold Trilogy”. Last time on the Sega Genesis, Harold played one of his “childhood favorites”, Global Gladiators, and it was…certainly an experience. And NOW he’s back with another of his Genesis favorites,…

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Every Traditional Kirby Game, Ranked

What is it about celebrating landmark anniversaries that makes us want to…rank everything associated with the thing we’re celebrating? As of this year, I’ve played through every single Kirby game ever released in North America, including offshoots like Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble that haven’t gotten re-released on the…

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Retroblox Name Change? Fully Funded?

  Remember the Retroblox modular console? Well its delayed, name is changning and they are fully funded but will be on crowd sourcing anyway! Confused, me too lets talk about this. ————————————- New Intro, Logo, Overlay, Banner and Outro by RealSonicVideos: ————————————- Spellbound Kevin MacLeod (…

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Review a great Game day 2017: G-LOC


Normally I would say a shooter that pits the player against an armour-plated hot air balloon would instantly earn its place among the greats, but the Master System version of G-LOC was probably a disaster waiting to happen for a couple of reasons. For one, there was the…

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