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Italian Cinema and Survival Horror

[ Editor’s Note: This feature was commissioned as part of the RetroPitch 2017 event. ] ### When Tokuro Fujiwara, Shinji Mikami, and their team created Resident Evil, they drew from a variety of horror fiction to help create the creepy settings and iconic moments of the series’ earliest games. We…

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Nostalgia 64

When you’re a child and all your friends have a new gaming system, you want to be part of the club. Now, in today’s world, that means spending a lot of money for the latest Playstation or X-Box or what-have-you. Back in the 90s, we were a little…

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RetroPitch 2017!

  For several years now, I have simply wanted to pay people to write good retro gaming content. Now, I am delighted to be able to say: It’s time to do it. ### Welcome to RetroPitch 2017!     Basically, the idea is that I want to publish…

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Online Gaming is for Everyone

When they’re not saving the galaxy from an alien menace or experiencing artistic overtures toward social benefit, gamers have to deal with some negative stereotypes. Whether in the media or in the minds of their detractors, they are often portrayed as socially inept, overweight, non-desirable basement-dwellers. This, despite…

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Skirmish Frogs is Closing

I am finally convinced that “collaborative retro gaming website” is not a viable idea. Content-driven internet destinations rely on a torrid cycle of news and reviews. While classic gaming is certainly a realm with its share of news and reviews alike, the value is greatly diminished by scarcity…

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Old Vs New Video Games

The debate between old school and new school gaming continues to rage on. The things going for the retro gamers have more to do with the style of gameplay, fighting through levels, defeating a boss and nostalgia. The modern gamers are enamored by the amazing graphics, increased UI…

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