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Skirmish Frogs is Closing

I am finally convinced that “collaborative retro gaming website” is not a viable idea. Content-driven internet destinations rely on a torrid cycle of news and reviews. While classic gaming is certainly a realm with its share of news and reviews alike, the value is greatly diminished by scarcity…

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Old Vs New Video Games

The debate between old school and new school gaming continues to rage on. The things going for the retro gamers have more to do with the style of gameplay, fighting through levels, defeating a boss and nostalgia. The modern gamers are enamored by the amazing graphics, increased UI…

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New Commenting Features

Comments are great. They are definitely a way to foster positive interaction in this retro gaming community. Often, they are the interaction. So, commenting on Skirmish Frogs has been enhanced with some additional features: • Member frogs will now receive an email notification when one of their comments on someone’s else’s…

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