Hello! How do you do? I'm Fatnick, a chiptune-making ZX Spectrum-loving frog from South London. When not skirmishing, you can find me over at or @Mechafatnick and listen to me on Spotify

Review a great Game day 2017: G-LOC


Normally I would say a shooter that pits the player against an armour-plated hot air balloon would instantly earn its place among the greats, but the Master System version of G-LOC was probably a disaster waiting to happen for a couple of reasons. For one, there was the…

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A 24 Year Old Fashion Magazine

Criticism of the presence of politics in videogames seems a bit bizarre. Did none of the complainers play Desert Strike when growing up?  Or Civilisation? Or Theme Park? There remains, however, one complaint that seems like it may have some validity: Surely no one can deny that, since…

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I unlocked my NES Mini

If you’re interested in old videogames, you probably already know that some clever chaps have worked out how to add new games to the NES mini. Now, generally I’m quite a cautious sort, so when it comes to unauthorised 3rd party hacks that can brick your hardware, I…

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Zx Spectrum Day Part Two: The Games

zx spectrum

Hello! If you’ve seen my other article you’d know that, in its’ own lunchtime, the Zx Spectrum was a pretty big deal. Things have progressed since its’ 80’s heyday however – so does the humble Speccy still have any games that are worth playing today? I argue yes. It…

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An Unsung giant of 80’s Gaming

This company helped define video games throughout the mid 80’s and early 90’s, but you probably wouldn’t think of them as a videogame company. Don’t believe me? Their tech was used in both the Megadrive and the Japanese Master System, but they aren’t anything to do with Sega. It also…

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The Megadrive Sound Challenge!

Skirmish Frogs! I’m currently writing a pretty long article, and to illustrate one of the points I thought i’d make a short video. I wanted to quickly illustrate the fact that the Megadrive games tended to use both the Megadrive’s FM synthesiser chip and the Master System’s Programmable…

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The Mysterious Legacy of the SNES Soundchip

It’s a pretty obvious statement that, when it comes to streaming and writing about old video games, some vintage consoles definitely are more popular than others. It’s also true that, when it comes to the chip tuning scene, some hardware platforms are inevitably more popular than others. Speaking as…

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A.B. Cop

ab cop

So, it’s Sega week around here, eh? In that case, let’s take a look at one of the more obscure titles in the Sega stable: A.B. Cop. Never heard of A.B. (Air Bike) Cop? Don’t worry, most of the internet doesn’t seem to have either. Not only is…

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Psst…Do You like Videogame music?

Recently, my distributor became the first to formerly strike up a commercial relationship with Sound Cloud, so i’ve uploaded a lot of musical material to them recently “But Nick” I hear you cry “this isn’t a Nick announces music-related stuff website!” Fear not chums, my reason for telling…

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