Game Overkill – Vote for the Best 6th Console Generation Games – Part 1 – Sega Dreamcast

Even though I was Sega kid in the Genesis years, I never really bothered with the 32X, Sega CD, or Saturn, so by the time the Dreamcast came out, it wasn’t even on my radar. Then again, no console really was, since I was playing games less and those I played were mostly on PC at that time. Still, it wasn’t on my brothers’ radar either. As a result, I’d never played a Dreamcast game until two years ago when I bought a console and a bunch of games. So far, I’ve only really played Bust-A-Move 4, which I enjoyed. I’m certain it has many great games, so do me a favour, click on the link below, and let me know which games deserve to be played.

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