Game Overkill – Vote for the Best 5th Console Generation Games – Part 1 – Nintendo 64

I was 15 when the N64 came out. It was a time when I was becoming less interested in video games, but even less interested in console gaming as a result of my parents finally buying a computer. My two younger brothers are the ones who bought the N64. I was perfectly content playing Diablo, Final Fantasy VIII, and Baldur’s Gate as they played Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time. I played those games as well, of course, and thought they were alright, mostly. I liked quite a few other games, but I still think it’s the worst console I own after the Wii. I didn’t know that at the time though. It took visits to my friend’s house (DertySixxxer) and playing Symphony of the Night for me to start seeing that I would rather have had a PS1 all along.

Still, it had lots of great games and some super terrible ones, so click the link below and tell me which N64 games you think everyone should experience at least once.

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