Game Overkill – Vote for the Best 3rd Console Generation Games – Part 3 – Famicom + The Rest

Maybe it never got released outside of Japan. Maybe it did leave Japan but the localisation process resulted in some changes that made the game less enjoyable in your opinion. Regardless of your reasons, THIS is your chance to tell me which Famicom and Famicom Disk System games you think everyone should play. This will be the last post for the 3rd console generation, so there’s also a form where you can list any 3rd gen games for consoles not released by Nintendo or Sega. Any Atari 7800 or Super Cassette Vision fans out there?

Here are links to all the previous posts:

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  1. It’s really neat to see how much my lists have changed since I first filled them out a couple years ago. I’ve discovered a lot of great games since then.

    • Yeah, I’ve been wondering about the folks who have been adding to their lists. I assumed a combination of games they forgot and games they’ve recently discovered.

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