Game Overkill – Vote for the Best 3rd Console Generation Games – Part 1 – NES

Now that we’re into the 3rd console generation, we’re finally playing with power. I know very few people who’ve never played an NES game. Even my kids and my parents have played some games on it. It is one of the consoles I specifically had in mind when I started making these forms. According to Wikipedia, there were 713 licensed NES games. A whole bunch of them are classics and very important in the history of the medium, but it isn’t always easy to remember all of them, especially when put on the spot. So, instead of having to rack your brain, I’ve made a form listing all of the games. All you need to do is go through it and check off every game you think people should play at least once. Don’t worry about Famicom or Famicom Disk System games, as both will be getting their own lists in the future. This is just for NES games.

In case you missed it, here are the posts for the previous console generations:

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  1. Voted! It’s too bad that Cowboy Kid is so tough to find these days.

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