Best Videogame Switches


Nintendo have finally revealed all of the details surrounding the launch of their new Switch console, and opinion in the videogame community is unsurprisingly mixed. While we all wait for the console to finally hit the streets, let’s look at some great switches from videogames of the past! Sonic…

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Sonic 2 Review (1992, SEGA Mega Drive/SEGA Genesis)

Sonic The Hedgehog is a series that defined the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, with it’s blazing fast gameplay and a marketable character with oodles of attitude.

Released on Sonic Twosday, this was the game that took Sonic to the next level, offering improvements on the original in every single way. In this Sonic The Hedgehog 2 review, I see how this platformer holds up today!

I unlocked my NES Mini

If you’re interested in old videogames, you probably already know that some clever chaps have worked out how to add new games to the NES mini. Now, generally I’m quite a cautious sort, so when it comes to unauthorised 3rd party hacks that can brick your hardware, I…

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Mega Man X Review (SNES)

In this Mega Man X review, see if the Blue bomber’s 16-bit debut is an evolution of the classic NES games, or a digital abomination. Capcom’s series has seen many, many instalments over the years – Is this one of the good ones?

DBPG: Our Top 20 Games Ever – Power Hour Podcast Ep 5

Happy New Year everyone!  In today’s video Jim and Brian each discuss their top 20 games of all time and why they love them so damn much.  Website – Twitter – Facebook – Twitch – Email –

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Retro News Round Up – January 2017

In the first Retro News Round Up of 2017 Wolfenstein gets squished onto the Game Boy Color, Altered Beast might be coming to the silver screen, and Switch gets some Sunshine.

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This episode’s links:

Eurogamer story on GameCube support for the Switch:

The Japanese Twitter bot tweet that hints at a SNES Mini:

Sega arcade cabinets…in Lego form:

More footage of Wolfenstein 3D on the GBC:

Indiegogo for the RetroEngine Sigma:

BennVenn’s guide on how to add a backlight to your Game Boy Colour:

Buy Pentagorat for the Commodore Vic 20:

Buy Enemy 2 for the Amiga:

Download In the Walls of Eryx on the ZX Spectrum:

Download Cyber Mania on the ZX Spectrum:

Download Heroes Rescue for the ZX Spectrum:

Download Crappy Crates on the ZX Spectrum:

Download Pietro Bros on the ZX Spectrum:

Download Stela 2 – The Secrets of Malfario on the ZX Spectrum:

Download Bergbert 3 – The Blue Knight for the Commodore 64:

Download The Bear Essentials on the Commodore 64:

Download The Darkness of Raven Wood for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron:

Download Oh Mummy! on the Intellivision:

Download Fairlight for the Atari XL and XE:

Download Chibi Akuma on the Amstrad CPC:!/

Download Merry Christmas from Horace for the ZX Spectrum

Download Zombo’s Christmas Capers on the ZX Spectrum

Download an X-mas edition of Shotgun for the Commodore 64:

Kickstarter for In the Line of Fire on the Dreamcast:

Kickstarter for Unknown Realm on the Commodore 64 and PC:

Kickstarter for NES title Dreamworld Pogie:

More footage of Akira on the Game Boy:

Completed version of Yogi 3: Yog’s Big Clean Up for the Commodore 64:

Fan translation of Out Live for the PC Engine:

Fan translation of Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere on the Playstation:

Fan translation of Whales Voyage 2 for the Amiga:!ehMSxQwD!k_9WekYfEHTxXU7Ec_tTbN47f38P_D9ZBS0OdFnYQDE

Fan translation of Railroad Baron: Famicom Boardgame on the NES

Fan translation of The Glory of Heracles IV: Gift from the Gods for the SNES:

Fan translation of E.V.O – The Theory of Evolution on the PC-98:

The Hero of Anxiety

When the original Legend of Zelda came around, there was a line in the instruction manual that read, “YOU ARE…’LINK.’” I think that sentiment is what’s spun me into naming every iteration of Link, as well as any given male protagonist in RPGs, after myself. If you’re wondering…

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I Am Over 500 Subscribers. Thank You!

  I am over 500 Sub Scribers here on YouTube, thank you! ————————————- New Logo and Intro by RealSonicVideos: ————————————- Spellbound Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ————————————- Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Skirmishfrogs: 8 Bit…

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