Here’s to a Land of Dreams

I’m often at my most cognitively productive when I’m trying to sleep. My eyes open, my brow furrows, and I debate grabbing my phone and jotting down notes in a Google Doc or something—so my Totally Awesome Ideas don’t disappear upon waking, like Koholint Island. The gears in…

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Interview: Someone Who Actually Caught ‘Em All


(Originally published on my website at ) If you’ve ever even heard of Pokemon, you’ll know that the series’ tagline has been “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” since it was first created 20 years ago. However as more and more Pokemon are created every few years, to most people…

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Mad Max: Review a Bad Game Day

Region: NTSC Developer: Gray Matter Publisher: Mindscape Released: July 1990 Looking at ‘bad’ NES games usually results in the same few answers: LJN, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Kid Kool, Color Dreams, most movie games, Silver Surfer and Deadly Towers. I’m willing to give most things a chance,…

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